A well designed informative website sometimes is not enough.
If your web site is not popular enough or it does not provide the expected interaction with the customers it's time to take things in your hands.
IF Creative is offering you proven internet marketing strategies that will boost your business and bring you new customers.

Google Marketing

Google today is the largest search engine in the world with more than 2 million searches per minute and surpassing number of users. According to recent studies done when someone searches on Google, 53% of users visit first search result, second result is visited by 15% of users, 9% from the third, quarter of 6% and only 4% have attend the fifth result. The story of successful marketing on Google starts with analysis and determination of so called "key" words that are tightly connected to your business. Your website will be shown when some user searches for a word that is part of the "key" words set, which gives the glance on the importance of the "key" words. Be part of those shown at the TOP. IF Creative offers you a complete analysis and report regarding the campaign as well as strategies for improvement of future advertising. Check whether you are among the top five search results of a product or product group specifics about your company.

Social Media Marketing

The social media today has grown in the biggest and fastest developing market that yearly generates more revenue in comparison with all the traditional mediums together (newspapers, TV, radio...). The creation of social groups, friends, fans and followers has proven as an effective way of accumulating potential customers that directly build the web reputation and the identity of the company/organization and indirectly brings more attractiveness and profit. The social networks use their millions of acquired users to offer targeted marketing by gender, age, location and interests. These ways of marketing gives you the power to easy target and reach the right audience. At the end this means higher return on the investment made in marketing.

E-mail marketing

By email marketing you can significantly improve the profit from selling products or services. We offer different ways of email marketing:

  • newsletter (email news)
  • promotion of discounts, coupons, products and services
  • personalized email invitation for company needs

"Landing" page

Landing page stands for uniquely designed web page for presentation and promotion of product, service or event. Compared to official company web site, these pages are not overwhelmed with unnecessary information and are characterized by unique and astonishing design focusing directly on a promotion/campaign. Landing page gives you increased interaction with the acquired and potential customers.